Pitbull Trailers

Pitbull Trailers LLC was founded on the simple idea of manufacturing the highest quality of utility trailers and selling them at market price of “budget” trailers. To most people this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, why would we sell a higher quality product for cheap? Well, because of our background in construction and our love of off-road toys, we have been through the trailer buying process enough to understand all the frustrations and pain-points of consumers.


How We Offer the Best Bang for the Buck

There are two major forces working against the average guy trying to buy a utility or equipment trailer in Florida today: One is the general state of the economy. With so many people moving into the area, demand for just about everything is high which leads to inflated prices. The second is trailer manufacturers that penny pinch which reflects in their products. Our construction connections give us access to top notch material and labor unmatched .

KTM SuperDuke on Trailer

What Sets Our Traliers Apart

 Just take a look at our professional grade welds, the treated lumber used in our decks and our powder coated steel frames and compare it to any of the trailers from the big retailers and the differences will speak for themselves. We figure why not offer the best bang for the buck and get our trailers into the hands of everyone that needs one!