About Us

Pitbull Trailers LLC is a family business based in North Brevard county. Over the years we have had to haul a ridiculous amount of stuff. Seriously we have hauled everything from 25 foot by 12 foot pieces of glass from outside the county to snowmobiles and fork lifts from 2000 miles away. We understand the importance of having a well made trailer that actually pulls straight and will hold up to the abuse of the roads. That’s why all our trailers are built here in the USA by experienced and well compensated guys who care about their work.

As you can see, we’re always hauling something!

High Quality Materials

Your trailer won’t last long without if it’s not build from quality materials. We are able to use our construction connections to source raw materials above anything you’ll see in the competion.

Top of the Line Craftsmanship

If you’ve ever had to haul a load on a trailer that’s not built square or welded properly, you know that you want someone that knows what they’re doing putting your trailer together. Most trailer companies pay a lump sum for each assembled trailer, which encourages rushed, not quality construction. All our trailers are made by competent guys with lots of building experienced.  

Tayme Thomas on Trailer

Joseph “Tayme” Thomas

  • Co-founder and CEO of Pitbull Trailers
  • Graduated from University of Florida class of 2021
  • Always excited to help customers get the best trailer for their needs

Joseph “Brandon” Thomas

  • Co-founder and Chairman of Pitbull Trailers
  • 30 plus years of construction experience (lots of hauling!)
  • Always busy fine tuning all the little details that make our trailers the best out there
Brandon Thomas on motorcycle on trailer